Preparing for success after high school

One hundred and eighty New Orleans public high school graduates earned industry-recognized credentials aligned to high-wage industries this year — a whopping 300% increase since 2014.

Industry-recognized credentials verify an individual’s skill mastery, educational attainment, and authority to perform a task or operation — conveying real economic benefits in the labor market.


Why is this important?

Armed with industry-recognized credentials, students are better prepared with real-world skills to enter college with a leg up or start well-paying jobs right out of high school. This is significant because the majority of job openings over the next ten years – nationally and in our region – will require more than a high school diploma. Simply put, credentials provide graduates with proof of specific technical skills – leading to better options and a competitive edge. And for many, it doesn’t stop there. A credential can serve as a first step in achieving advanced career aspirations.

Students, families, and educators are encouraged to contact us to learn more about credentials and how YouthForce NOLA is helping more students achieve real-life success.

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Jasmine Henderson