Employer Q&A With LCMC Health

1. How does your company benefit from your partnership with YFN?
LCMC Health’s partnership with YFN helps us meet our future workforce needs by building student interest in healthcare career paths that they may not typically consider. This partnership helps to increase the likelihood that we can attract and retain local talent for future roles within our hospitals.

2. What has your experience been like with the student interns?
We have been privileged to host interns with a variety of career interests and talents, and we have taken the opportunity to rotate them through different healthcare positions and disciplines. In addition to immersing them in different areas of healthcare, we also offer them coaching on general professionalism (which is transferable to any future workplace and role).

3. What’s it like participating in YFN’s Career Expo?
How does LCMC Health benefit from the experience? How do the students benefit? Participating in the YFN Career Expo allows our department heads to share their passion for their respective disciplines in a fun, interactive, and informative setting. Our leaders can demonstrate practical skills (such as “stop the bleed”) while answering students’ questions about their specific departments and healthcare, in general. LCMC Health benefits from the Expo by highlighting healthcare positions that will be in great need in the future (and hopefully attracting students toward careers in those areas). Our team members benefit from the experience by being able to share their joy and passion for their work. Students benefit by networking with local employers who are invested in our Community, and by gathering information about careers that they may not have previously considered.

4. How was the experience of hosting a teacher extern at your hospital?
Hosting teacher externs was a very positive experience. The LCMC Health team members who hosted the teachers were grateful for the opportunity to share information about healthcare careers with the teachers, who can then pass that information along to their students.

Jasmine Henderson