NOLA high schoolers graduating ahead of the curve


Job-specific technical training is an essential part of preparing New Orleans high schoolers for careers in the region’s high-demand, high-wage industry clusters. Employers emphasize that job-specific, technical skills are among the top three elements considered in screening and hiring decisions, and research indicates that students who concentrate in a career pathway in high school have a greater likelihood of post-secondary success. This is why employer-validated credentials are one of YouthForce NOLA’s core focus areas – a credential represents an individual’s mastery of specific technical skills. Since we started just three years ago, the number of New Orleans students earning credentials has increased more than 300%. This success wouldn’t be possible, though, without quality training provider partners, including community colleges, like Delgado and Nunez, as well as independent third party providers, like New Orleans Technical Education Provider (NOTEP), New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC), and Operation Spark.

Training providers partner with high schools to give students opportunities to learn and develop technical skills and earn industry-recognized credentials while still enrolled in high school. And, through our partnerships with institutions of higher education, students are also able to earn college credit.

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Jasmine Henderson