Request for Applications: YouthForce NOLA School Partnerships


YouthForce NOLA is seeking to partner with school interested in introducing or expanding high quality career pathways programs of study and has released a new 2018 Request for Applications (RFA).

With this selection round, YouthForce NOLA is shifting to a sustaining partnerships model and will focus on five key efforts with schools:

  • Establishing CPPS capstone and/or signature experiences that define each grade level

  • Prioritizing the offering of advanced and terminal basic industry-based credentials (IBCs)

  • Developing schools’ CPPS programming that focuses on the holistic student experience and graduate profile, and is aligned to the CPPS Quality Indicators (see Appendix 3 of the RFA)

  • Grounding CPPS-related work in the creation of a high-quality student experience that allows for continuous improvement and long-term sustainability

  • Developing the capacity of a dedicated team of adults

To view the RFA and related materials, click on the links below.

For more information about our school partnerships model, view our presentation on YouthForce NOLA School Partnerships Evolution.

Jasmine Henderson