Soft Skills Are the Keys to Success

Soft skills are essential for doing well in school, work, and life. That’s why we’re emphasizing training in these foundational social, emotional, and cognitive skills as a core component of our work to prepare New Orleans public high school students for the successful pursuit of high-wage, high-demand career pathways.

The soft skills training in our internship program is yielding exceptional results. Employers are impressed with the performance of YouthForce NOLA interns — with 96% saying their intern was adequately prepared and 87% saying their high school intern’s professionalism was similar or favorable to that of an entry-level employee! Our interns found the experience rewarding, too, with 75% reporting that they gained valuable skills through the program.

As the foundation for our soft skills programming, we adopted the MHA Labs framework, which focuses on incorporating collaboration, communication, planning for success, personal mindset, problem solving, and social awareness into daily learning.

A major milestone in this area, YouthForce NOLA has launched the inaugural Soft Skills Teacher Fellowship for the 2017-18 school year. We awarded fellowships to 13 teachers to learn and spread soft skills through instructional practices in their classrooms and across their schools.

The fellows will be guided by Paige Boetefuer and Rahmel Fuller, former classroom teachers and lead instructors for YouthForce NOLA’s Internship Professionalism Training.

Watch the video below to learn more about how soft skills training is preparing students for #RealLifeSuccess.

Jasmine Henderson