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LAUNCH is a YouthForce NOLA pilot program for newly completed New Orleans high school students to create a strong and flexible five-year plan, designed to multiply postsecondary options and increase economic mobility for young people. There are four major components that students will experience in their one year with LAUNCH: 

  1. Dedicated Coaching and Soft Skills Instruction - receive support in setting and working toward a strong and flexible academic and career five-year plan.

  2. Technical Training - earn an advanced industry-recognized credential.

  3. Online College Coursework - earn college credits towards an Associate’s Degree from Southern New Hampshire University, transferable to a variety of colleges and universities, including the University of New Orleans.

  4. Paid Meaningful Work Experience - earn money while getting significant industry-related work experience.

Thousands of high-wage, high-demand jobs
come online in the next decade


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Who can enroll in Launch?

Any student who meets graduation requirements from an open-enrollment New Orleans high school can enroll in LAUNCH. There are no GPA requirements or ACT limits for LAUNCH eligibility.

We believe this program would be beneficial to a wide range of students: from the valedictorian who is not sure of which career path they would like to take to the struggling student who wants time to earn a free workforce credential and college credit before deciding their next move. Students may be a good fit for LAUNCH if they:

  • Want more time, coaching, and support after high school in developing their 5-year college and career plan

  • Have an interest in skilled crafts, digital media/IT or business management and would like the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized credential in one of those fields

  • Are interested in earning college credit through an innovative, competency-based curriculum

  • Need modest or extensive soft skills development (improving their social awareness, verbal communication, personal mindset, planning, collaboration, and problem solving abilities)

  • Want more time to explore a range of career pathways and jobs

How does a student enroll in LAUNCH?

Complete the application below to express interest in enrolling in LAUNCH.