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To ensure that New Orleans students develop the technical skills required to land high-wage, high-demand jobs, we partner with eight third-party training providers to help students earn employer-validated, industry-recognized credentials, which students earn only after completing a rigorous program of study in job-specific skills.

We help our training provider partners develop their curricula and then connect them with opportunities to teach these skills to students both in and out of schools.

YouthForce NOLA is also working with community colleges to expand dual enrollment opportunities for students and create greater connectivity to their programming.

Credentials are employer-validated, industry-recognized student certifications earned after completing a rigorous program of study that trains students in high-demand, job-specific skills. To ensure that our students build the skills and earn the credentials in one of our skill clusters that lead to high-wage, high-demand jobs, we work with six third party training provider partners.

Interested in being a training provider?

New Orleans Career Center
As part of our efforts to ensure that students have easily-accessible, quality options to receive job-specific training, we worked with education, civic, and business leaders, as well as training providers in the creation of the New Orleans Career Center (NOCC), which launched in late summer 2018. Destined to be a central hub for students across Orleans Parish, NOCC will expand citywide capacity around quality job-specific skills training. Through partnerships with schools, students from across Orleans Parish are able to access the NOCC’s training programs.

The skills we focus on

We want our students prepared for future economic prosperity. This means they need to be equipped with the knowledge and the experience required to make well-informed decisions to break into careers of their choice. We support training providers in the following industries: digital media and information technology, health sciences, and skilled crafts.


Digital Media & IT


Health Sciences


Skilled Crafts