Soft Skills Teacher Fellowship Application Resources

YouthForce NOLA RFA 2019-2020

YouthForce NOLA (YouthForce) is looking for school teams interested in participating in the third iteration of the Soft Skills Teacher Fellowship (SSTF) for the 2019-20 school year.  The SSTF program will provide an opportunity for educators to develop, practice, and spread soft skills instructional practices at their schools as well as help their students develop skills critical for academic, professional, and life success. The Fellowship program will support educators passionate about student empowerment and will provide opportunities for educators from different schools and networks to come together to share ideas, learnings, challenges, and solutions related to helping New Orleans public school students bridge the gap from the classroom to the world. Educators must apply as a team of two teachers. Each teacher is an equal partner in this endeavor and will be responsible for co­design and co-­implementation of your instructional practices.


In order to apply, interested teams must complete the following by 11:59pm on May 16, 2019.

  1. Complete and submit the team application via email (~30 minutes)

  2. Complete and attach the deliverable lesson plan and prompts for each teacher (~60 minutes)

  3. Have your school leader to complete this school leader recommendation form (~15 minutes)