YFI Resources for Employers

YFI Internship Overview

A guide on what YouthForce Internships (YFI) is all about.

YFI Work Plan

If you are a you are a YFI intern supervisor, we need you to fill out this work plan. It will help both you and your intern set expectations and norms around their internships, and it will help ensure YouthForce NOLA can find the best internship fit possible.

Curriculum Overview

A guide to the what our interns learn topics and the skills they develop during YFI.

Key Dates

A list of important dates for our program.

First Day Checklist

A helpful guide to prep your intern supervisors for their interns’ first day.

Best Practices and Tips

A guide on how to make your internship experience as meaningful as possible — for your interns and your workplace.

MHA Internship Skills Core

MHA Labs developed the 12 Hirability Skills as a collection of very specific core set of non-negotiable skills employers expect from interns. Use it to help guide your intern’s soft skills development over the summer.

Sample Intern Project Ideas

A collection of some intern project outlines that can be used in a variety of office settings. Feel free to use and/or modify these projects as you see fit.

Robbie Dornbush