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Connecting Students in New Orleans
to A Network of Career Pathways


WHAt we aim to do

We are working hard to ensure that New Orleans public school graduates are thriving economically, and that they are the most sought after talent for hiring and advancement in the region’s high-wage, fast-growing industries.

We recognize that for years the educational system has not worked for the benefit of a variety of students, holding them back from their full potential. By bringing together economic, educational, and civic leaders, we are building a network of programs and policies that will serve to benefit our city’s public school students.


We want to ensure that every New Orleans high school graduate has the opportunity to succeed in the 21st century economy. We’re working to build a system of education-to-prosperity pathways that facilitate real-world skills growth in schools to ensure economic success in life.


We partner with employers in high-wage industries to expose students to different career pathways and take their first step into the workforce. We focus on three major pillars that come together to form what we call Career Pathway Programs of Study (CPPS): an integrated student experience both inside and outside the classroom where they receive career exposure, skills building, and work experience throughout their teens.


We partner with employers to place students in paid internships for real-world experience to help students explore options.


Students stand out on college applications or start careers with industry-recognized credentials to qualify for well-paying jobs right out of high school.


We emphasize training in foundational social, emotional, and cognitive soft skills to ensure students do well in school, work, and life.

What are "high-wage, high-demand” career pathways?
These are pathways that will help students pursue a healthy, happy, and successful life. Jobs in these career pathways provide a strong starting salary with large growth potential over the course of a career and have a demonstrated demand from employers.
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Hundreds of students have participated in YouthForce NOLA’s internships, acquired the skills and credentials needed to join any of our partner organizations, and seen personal success in life. Our innovative efforts to prepare students for college and careers has informed both policy and practice around equipping students to get jobs with family-supporting wages.

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