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YouthForce NOLA is a right fit for all students. We believe that all of our students have the potential to live happy, prosperous lives -- and we want to connect all of our young people with the career skills, network, and knowledge needed to be successful. YouthForce NOLA is building an education to economic prosperity pathway, a pathway for career and life success that we believe all students can utilize to build real-world skills to produce real-life success.


We are working to ensure students have the career-based skills, soft skills, and workplace experience to break into high-wage, high-demand careers in New Orleans. This includes job-specific credentials and soft skills growth, and connecting students with real career-oriented experiences that set them up for success, including job site visits and internships.




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Job-Skill Building

The world is changing quickly, and YouthForce NOLA is working to prepare students with the skills needed in today’s modern economy. We believe that students need a mix of career-specific and soft skills that allow them to enter and advance in our region’s growing and well-paid jobs. YouthForce NOLA works with schools to increase their ability to gets students quality job-skill training, develop soft skills integration in classrooms, and expose them to good job opportunities in our region. Learn more about our programs in our programs section!


Work Experience

YouthForce NOLA wants every student to have the opportunity to gain real, on-the-job experience. So we have created YouthForce Internships (YFI), a summer long paid internship experience where students receive 60 hours of professionalism training and 90 hours of workplace experience through an internship at a New Orleans company. Students can earn up to $1,200 for completing the entire program as well as receive the kind of knowledge, skills, and network that can only come from actual experience.



YouthForce NOLA believes that earning industry-recognized credentials helps students build the skills necessary to break into high-wage, high-demand careers. We focus on building skills in our three skill clusters: digital media/IT, healthcare, and skilled crafts.

YouthForce NOLA has worked with employers, schools, and training providers to produce classes and programs to get students the credentials they need to succeed.


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We want every young person to have an incredible internship experience. Here are the resources to make it happen.

Students intern with some of the most
dynamic employers in our city
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Leading to Real-Life Career Successes

We prepare students with the skills and experiences that expose them to universally beneficial opportunities. Regardless of what your child’s dream job might be, YouthForce’s programming and training in schools can help them get there.


Digital Media/IT


Health Sciences


Skilled Crafts


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Family Engagement toolkit

Engaging families as partners

Families are critical partners in students’ decision-making and success, and YouthForce NOLA supports partners and schools in engaging families around quality career pathways programs of study. To ensure that families are included in the conversation on career readiness in schools, we have worked with the Urban League of Louisiana and education leaders to produce our Family Engagement Toolkit.