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How we increase the capacity of schools


Soft Skills Teacher Fellowship

Soft-skills are needed for more than just success in the workplace or even the classroom -- they are skills needed to succeed in life. To ensure that the importance of soft-skills is emphasized and integrated into the average student experience, we have created the Soft Skills Teacher Fellowship (SSTF): a year-long program that trains and supports teams of teachers as they integrate soft skills in their classes and throughout their schools.

75% of the teams of teachers that participate in SSTF come from schools that have participated previously, allowing for deeper integration and capacity building in those schools. Watch to learn more.


Educator Externships

Our externships program provides career and workplace exposure to teachers so they can better root their in-class instruction to real-world applications and help their students see how their education may support their career ambitions. To date, we have taken more than 20 New Orleans educators on paid exploratory workplace visits at GE Digital, Ochsner, and Barriere Construction.

The sooner you expose yourself to the diverse careers in our skill clusters, the easier it is to introduce your students to a world of endless opportunities after graduation.

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experience as a teaching tool


YouthForce knows that education and career pathway innovation happens all around the country, so we’re connecting New Orleans’ education ecosystem to others around the US. YouthForce NOLA has organized trips for groups of school leaders, counselors, and CTE teachers to leaders in other cities who are doing similar kinds of work. Together, we are working to build nationwide capacity for high school career development, one community and school at a time.